Selfie Drone

selfie drone

Drones are becoming popular worldwide it is funny and uses to fulfill many tasks. It can easily manage by anyone even someone who has never control the drone remotely ever. Recently drone was used for many reasons. Because of drones videography have moved into a new era in taking eagle view. Many types of drones are available in the market for very reasonable prices. It was just a toy to children in its first step of development but now it is a multipurpose item.

Phone selfies are getting boring to users. People are no longer intend to do it, and they are unpopular… The standard selfie becomes popular first, then the selfie stick and the next evolution of the selfie has now begun to popular! Nobody knows who did as a begins, but soon thousands in Sri Lanka began to upload unbelievable selfies from many ways of angles. It was uploaded to social media and EVERYONE would have done likewise soon! Now, literally, all over the world, this new selfie has taken and published.

Two German engineers who love drones created the Drone X Pro. They found the drones with which they were very bulky, heavy and hard to travel. This ultra-compact, light drone was designed without sacrificing any of the key advantages of a top HD model. It’s firm, easy to control and can record to your phone live! People take “the last selfies”-the results are unbelievable…

How it works

How easy it is to set up, we were surprised! You must first install the application (the QR code is just scanned in the manual). Everything’s very simple.

Just plug in the battery and log on to your drone and start the app once you’ve done that. You are ready to fly your drone in less than 10 seconds!

And the best part comes: it’s unbelievably easy to fly. The controls are only excellent, very intuitive. It’s natural to fly the drone. Children of a colleague were at the office, and in seconds– on their first drone flight ever– they figured everything out. How easy and soft the controls are! It’s just wonderful!

It’s time to use the built-in camera, once you’re in the air. The most amazing photos and videos can be taken. Take the best videos and impress your friends with the coolest selfies from otherwise impossible angles!

how much is it going to cost

This is what we want to all know, alright? I assumed it was $ 300 to $ 400, but I was wrong. I guess. They sell it for only $ 99, which is extremely cheap for a drone of this quality (deal only available online at $ 150 in shops!).

Why it so special

The Drone X Pro’s main advantages are its portability, price, camera, and usability. The drone is comparable to a big smartphone. Combine it with its folding rotors and you probably have the most portable drone in the world. It fits in any pocket or bag easily!

Anybody can fly this drone, absolutely! His checks were perfectly designed. The Drone X Pro has an extraordinary ability to hover. You don’t have to focus on height; just fly and have fun! Of course, a drone called this needs to have a good camera. This drone is ideal for taking fantastic photos and videos.

You can focus on taking amazing shots when flying is so easy. Film nature in incredible quality, friends and even you!

And until now we haven’t even mentioned the ABS plastic drone. This lightens and strengthens the drone much. The price is just awesome, last but not least. For a drone of this quality, it’s less than $ 100. This must be the best value drone available!

A drone of that quality at that price definitely makes us say yes! Think of the wonderful photos and videos with the Drone X Pro. This is worth it, even the fun of flying a drone. This is the moment you should start if you haven’t ever flown a drone!

Where you can buy it?

You’ve come to know this awesome new drone, and if it’s still available, how to order it from the official Website:

  • Order the Drone X Pro!
  • Start making wonderful images of you and your friends and family!
  • Download apps and connect to the smartphone of yours (Android and iOS). It’s as straightforward as that!


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