NFL setting up an academy in London

NFL setting up an academy in London

NFL is the most famous sport in America as a next step NFL going to set up in London the main purpose is to find skilled athletes and to train them. Best skilled athletes will have the opportunity to play in best NFL clubs in America.

16 to 18-year-old athletes will recruit this academy which will open in next September and also they will offer qualifications with BTEC and A-levels. Well experienced specialized coaches about to train athletes American football.

80 newest pupils have already recruited and scheduled for the next three years. This plans and the scheduling are mainly NFL targeting enhance reputation all over the UK.

Jay Ajayi, the former Philadelphia Eagles, runs back-and winner of Superbowl, says”I didn’t even know what American football was when I was growing up,” He originally born in London and when he was seven he moved to the USA with his family.

“All my mates were playing, when I got there, I had to fall in love with it, but it might not be the same for the children here. He mentioned that joining the chance to American football was a nightmare to other country children back then.
“London didn’t have a lot of resources before for the local kid who loves American football– fortunately, they now have a place to pursue that dream.”

However, Jay got a chance to brings nightmare true to his born land children because he has become one of an ambassador in the academy. which is going to be based at Barnet and Southgate College in North London.

Promoting academy in the UK NFL definitely attempting to promote the brand internationally. The International Player Pathway Program was started in 2017, providing a new place for teams outside the United States in their practice teams. In 2017, they were able to do the workshop. Furthermore, they have planned to this year seasonal tournament play in London and also NFL planners think one-day the original team will play sooner based on London.

Jay Ajayi says, “The game here is becoming crazy.” I’m just excited that I’m seeing what’s next for England-and it’s just another part of the puzzle because that talent will be promoted.

In the 2018 season, less than 3% of the players were born abroad who were selected to play in NFL.

And only 1.6% of the player pool actually reaches the big time even on the established way to the NFL for the home-grown players- America’s college soccer system.

“We would be enormous if we even had a successful story,” Ajayi says.

Alistair Kirkwood, the NFL’s Managing Director in the UK is a little more measured:
This is an opportunity for many young people to make a real difference to their lives irrespective of their sport experience. And this will be a golden opportunity to join with American high scholarship and at the end, they will have a chance to join with NFL.

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